Hi - I'm from a Bill Mollison PDC class of 1995. My background in large-scale agriculture, fieldwork, large equipment operation, surveying, irrigation, and business management and administration led me to become the Managing Director of the Permaculture Institute and Tagari Publications in 1997.

In the field of design work, my interests are in the temperate climate. My strengths include:

  • the design and installation of food production systems. Maximizing plant and soil health through good nutrient provision,  reliable water delivery, integrated pest management, crop rotation, green manuring,  companion planting, compost creation and use, and the use of season extenders.
  • the design and installation of water-harvesting earthworks, through the use and application of surveying and earth-moving equipment. Dams are not included., I get a reasonable idea of their placement and consult with others more experienced in the construction of earth dams.
  • maximizing water storage
  • Useful placement of zones based on Permaculture design strategies
  • Business administration and legal structures as described in Chapter 14 PERMACULTURE:  A Designers' Manual

My work continues to this day, supporting the work of  Permaculture Institute through the publication of educational materials and educational events. I am committed and determined to further Bill's vision to spread Permaculture design strategies and ethics across the world.  Bill and I were business partners for twenty-one years beginning in 1995 in California and were married in 1997. We had a long and happy time together.