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Tagari Pallet Purchase Deal

The Power of Duck
13 February, 2020
PERMACULTURE: A Designers’ Manual
14 April, 2020
The Power of Duck
13 February, 2020
PERMACULTURE: A Designers’ Manual
14 April, 2020

Save 55% off RRP: Buy your books by the pallet!

T agari Pallet Purchase Deal

Is an order of 48 boxes of our books - you can mix the titles but they must be purchased by a full box (see box numbers below) and you Receive 55% off Recommended Retail Price PLUS Tagari Pays the Shipping and Insurance!

Please note: A pallet handling fee applies on all pallet sales.

48 boxes of the same title - Pallet handling fee of $96.00 applies

48 boxes of mixed titles - Pallet handling fee of $144.00 applies

P allet Purchase FAQ’s

Are there custom charges?

Depends. Each country differs in their custom charges and these charges are the responsibility of the customer to pay in their country. It wouldn’t hurt to check with your local authorities. If it helps you we can check into it for you.

What if the books arrive damaged?

Tagari fully insures the cargo from our door to yours at no extra charge to the customer. If the books are damaged in transport, they will be replaced. You will however need to return the books to us. We will pay for return shipping or postage charges. Returns will be handled on a case by case basis. This will take time due to distance. Since 2000 until today no pallet shipment has arrived damaged.

What do I do if I have a question or concern?

Pallet deals are not handled on the website but by real people. Either email or ring us and we will look after you.

How long does shipping take?

10 to 16 weeks to the US – 6 to 8 weeks to England and so on

Do I need a customs broker?

It is not necessary, our shipper takes care of it, but you may need to sign an authority or a power of attorney and return it promptly. If you have a broker you prefer, you will need to advise us in writing of the brokers details and ensure a signed authority is on file and current with the nominated broker. Should we not be notified delays may occur and in this case, storage fees may apply. But we will endeavour to remind you.

How many books are in a case?

Books are packed one title to a case – see below for numbers per title.

PERMACULTURE: A Designers’ Manual – 10 books per case

Introduction to Permaculture – 30 books per case

Permaculture 2 – 38 books per case

The Power of Duck – 54 books per case

Ferment and Human Nutrition - 24 books per case

What do I have to do?

Send us your purchase order. We will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid your books will be shipped. Shipping details, arrival date and other information will be organised by Tagari and you will be advised by email. Once they arrive you will be notified by the shipping company and informed of relevant customs charges. You mustn't delay in responding as this may cause storage fees to begin. We’ll keep you informed as the date gets closer and help wherever we can.

How do I pay?

The funds for your pallet purchase invoice need to sent via a wire to our bank in New York NY That information is provided on the invoice.

"When we design, we are always building for future floods, future fires, future droughts, and planting a tree a few inches tall that will be future forest giants, throw future shadows. Future populations will need future soils and forest resources, shelter, security. So somebody needs to range ahead in time, scout out the next century. We are not daydreaming. We are time scouts."

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