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9 February, 2020
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10 February, 2020
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Permaculture Two



Permaculture Two is about design, not gardening or livestock per se but as elements in a system intended to serve man, and the ends of good ecology.

From the release of Permaculture One demand for detailed design planning, workshops, lectures, seminars, consultancy and on-site design was an unanticipated and monumental surprise. Bill, thoroughly captivated, dove into answering these requests. After applying himself and the design strategies to some 700+ sites – he set about writing Permaculture Two. This is the book which came after Permaculture One but before PERMACULTURE: A Designers Manual. Very little of what is written here is found in the other books

Product Features: Design in Landscape Soil Improvement Broadscale Techniques Design for Difficult Climates Structures Waterworks Free Range Poultry Design Permaculture and Community

Permaculture Two – Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture by Bill Mollison

ISBN 978-0-908228-003

Pages 151

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